Discover - L'Aventure du Sucre

An entertaining and delightful journey

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A little bit of history

The setting for this gem of a museum is an old factory, itself evoking bygone days and a symbol of all that sugar represents. It lies within the beautiful Beau Plan Sugar Estate, located close to the famous Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens. Pamplemousses is one of the oldest villages in the island, where Governor La Bourdonnais built his mansion and where Pierre Poivre began the Gardens, close to the beautiful church where Bernardin de Saint-Pierre chose to lay to rest Paul and Virginie. The village is a good place for a stroll, with scenes of a tranquil way of everyday life tucked away around many a corner.

Discover - L'Aventure du Sucre

A temple to sugar

The approach is impressive, along an avenue of bougainvillea and coconut palms, with a lake bordered by lush greenery, leading to the massive sugar factory, nowadays one of the most spectacular tourist sites on the island. A sugarcane hedge runs alongside the final pathway and to the restored and converted factory. The visit has yet to begin but already sounds of the jungle and ocean waves draws you to a mysterious entrance, through which you emerge into the vast factory, its old machines decked with a thousand lights. There are giant screens, films, a barge floating and the sudden whistle of a railway engine. What awaits you is a superb and interactive tour, helping you to learn more about the island’s history and cultures.

Plan of the Museum (6,000 m²)

  1. Mysterious entrance
  2. A taste of sugar 
  3. The historical wing, beneath the old factory chimney
  4. The sugar process: from cane to juice
  5. The technology stands  
  6. The sugarcane stands
  7. The sugar and rum routes
  8. The children’s area 
  9. Temporary exhibition space
  10. The auditorium & meeting room
  11. Le Village Boutik
  12. The Isle de France cellars


Sugarcane has some exceptional characteristics, particularly in its fixation of carbon dioxide and contribution to a clean environment, thus participating in an important way in the preservation of the environment. Environmental issues thus naturally form part of L’Aventure du Sucre’s concerns and why it regularly holds exhibitions on topics related to the environment.

  • Temporary Exhibition: ORGANIK - L'Aventure du Sucre
    Temporary Exhibition: ORGANIK

    On an artistic journey out of the ordinary and through the lens of his camera, Christian Bossu-Picat set on a voyage at…

Special children’s tour booklet

At the museum entrance,a booklet is available for children between 7 and 12, which includes games and puzzles to help them enjoy finding out more about the history of Mauritius and its famous sugarcane. Children are accompanied on their visits by Raj the Martin, one of the country’s more common birds, and Florise the Mongoose, both of whom help to protect sugarcane crops. There two eco-freaks go round the museum with youngsters, asking them questions and posing riddles.


Covering the 400 years from first settlement to independence, the catalogue is full of information about the island’s human, technical and social development. Available in English, French and German.


  • VISITOR INFORMATION The leaflet provides information about the main subjects covered in a tour of the Museum. Download
  • EXPLORER'S GUIDE Whilst entertaining youngsters, this booklet provides much more than just a bit of fun. It’s a guide to the Museum for children that will help them to learn – and enjoy their visit. Download
  • LE SUCRE EN 7 SETS LE SUCRE EN 7 SETS is aimed at pre-primary and primary teachers. Available only in French. Download
  • ENERGY... THE PARTY IS OVER? This leaflet provides an insight into the main sources of energy, their importance to human activities and their impact on our environment. Download