Enjoy the best rum based Cocktails!

Carte Rhum - Le Fangourin - L'Aventure du Sucre

Le Fangourin Restaurant offers an original and adventurous cocktail menu, with exotic recipes concocted from the rums on display in the House of New Grove area of the Village Boutik. These are superior quality rums lovingly aged in oak barrels. Very Special (VS), Very Superior Old Pale (VSOP), Extra Old (XO) and traditional planters’ rum varieties make for delicious aperitifs, or short or long drinks any time.

The exclusive selection of quality cocktails provides excellent accompaniments to the dishes served at the restaurant. The icing on the cake is the opportunity to prepare your own cocktail. For those who enjoy the fine things in life, it’s a great fun experience for both couples and groups of friends, made even better by L’Aventure de Sucre’s magical setting with its panoramic views looking out over lush, tropical gardens capped in the distance by Pieter Both Mountain.