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Not to be missed is the sugar-tasting of the best of the Mauritian sugar industry, 12 unrefined natural sugars kept for export. They have a real taste to them. The senses also come alight while tasting rums, with their rounded, mellow and nuanced flavours. There is a meticulous process involved. The rums, specially developed for l’Aventure du Sucre by New Grove, are aged in oak barrels from Limousin forests, infused in special sugars or in vanilla, coffee or honey. There are also local sweets, tropical fruit jams & honey from Rodrigues. By showcasing this wide range of local produce, L’Aventure du Sucre is also helping to sustain know-how that has been acquired over the centuries and which is an integral part of the island’s culture.

  • Hessian sugar bag - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • Cooking pot "La Marmite" - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • Sugar secrets - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • Mugs Aventure du Sucre - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • Tropical delight box - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • Mauritian Catora - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • L'Aventure du Sucre, a story of Mauritius - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • Exotic fruit paste - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • Collectors' case - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • L'Aventure rum with special sugars: Molasses - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • L'Aventure rum with special sugars: Golden Bakery - L'Aventure du Sucre
  • Spice box - L'Aventure du Sucre


The Village Boutik has a number of epicurean gift packages available, sure to delight recipients. Presented in elegant gift boxes containing several local products, they are not only suitable as end-of-year presents but also for weddings and birthdays or as promotional items, as well as being an ideal way of thanking or rewarding people. A dedicated team is available to personalise gifts to meet your specific requirements and budget in respect of packaging, message and contents.

Consult our catalogue and/or click here to order original and personalised gifts.